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GatewayServe is a high growth, innovative global leader in E-Wallet platforms

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Fraud Screening system of our payment gateway performs comprehensive analysis of transaction data, using several techniques simultaneously. Data from external systems used during screening process, also as internal transactions history and various lists.

By offering your customers the option to handle payments through credit card, you minimize the chances of a lost sale. These days credit card acceptance is the keystone of any gainful E-Wallet business. When your market is global, you have the opportunity to reach customers in every demographic and geographic segment. Thus it is important to be in a position to accept all major credit card brands.

The administration area offers extremely useful and comprehensive tools. Our wide range of features provide to you the most advanced and flexible processing abilities as well as supereminent customer management database among others. Please check again for further updates

With our E-Wallet platform you can make payments faster and safer. We allow you to send and receive money instantly, or shop online. Our E-Wallet platform is a safer choice.

An ideal modern solution without a traditional bank account. Our E-Wallet provides an easy, secure and modern solution to get paid online. The E-Wallet platform makes your business more simple.

Start accepting cards easily with our secure checkout process. Manage transactions, real time access to your clientele. Attractive to more customers since our E-Wallet platoform is also a solution for those who do not feel secure to use their credit card online.

User Benefits


Becoming a Merchant

  • Receive money instantly
  • Add Shops
  • Request money from users
  • Send money to users
  • Use our secure checkout process
  • Top-up your Merchant Account
  • Receive Notifications


Becoming a User

  • Receive money instantly
  • Pay Shops
  • Request money from users
  • Send money to users/merchants
  • Use our secure checkout process
  • Top-up your User Account
  • Receive Notifications

Buy & Sell

in One Click

  • Make online payments
  • Account security
  • No time consuming procedures

Buyer Protection

Secure payments

  • Eligible transactions are protected
  • No hidden fees
  • Card and cardholder's data analysis
  • Multivariate regression analysis